About Hangeul Park

Hangeul Park connects with Hangeul and people all over the world.

I appreciate your visiting Hangeul Park, which is the only one bookstore that specializes in Korean text books.

With the rise of Korean Wave including K-pop and K-drama, Foreign students who want to study Korean have increased, however, they can rarely find a bookstore that lets them visit easily and provides Korean textbooks.

So Hangeul Park has been at the forefront of selling Korean language books online and offline and popularizing Korean textbooks since 2006. People from all over the world can learn about Korean textbooks on the online bookstore, and we've created an environment that helps people in different countries study Korean easily by shipping Korean textbooks to over 230 countries in the world through EMS/EMS Premium/International trade, etc.

Meanwhile, the offline bookstore has become an open market of ideas not only for teachers who teaches Korean language but for students who learn it. In addition, it has also become an information source for popularizing Korean textbooks contributing to expanding the base of Korean language.

It's been 10 years since we opened. Hangeul Park, the only one bookstore in the world that specializes in Korean language, will do its best to help everyone who teaches Korean and studies Korean.