Test Of Proficiency In Korean

ICON Certificate name 한국어교육능력검정시험

ICON English name Test of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language(TOTKA)

ICON Related ministry Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

ICON Implementing agency LOGO

Details of Examination

ICON Examination Schedule
Type Reception period Submission of Document Period Examination Schedule Submission of Opinion Period Announcement of Final Answer Period Announcement of Examination Results
2017, the 12th
2017.09.09 2017.09.09~
2016, the 11th
ICON Qualification for application
- No restriction

ICON  But, Those who aim at the certificate level 3 has to finish a teacher training course first and pass the examination.

- No reasons for disqualification
ICON Examination subjects and scoring
Type Slot Subject Scoring Number of questions Exam hour Exam type
Written examination 1class 1. Korean linguistics 90min 60question 100min
Multiple choice (choose one answer out of four options) answer and short-answer question
2. general linguistics and applied linguistics 30point 20question
2class 3. Korean culture 30point 20question 150min
4. Korean education theory as a foreign language 150point 98question
(short-answer question)
Interview Interview : ability for displaying expertise, Korean ability, aptitude for teaching and the view of teaching profession / Personality and knowledge
ICON Pass criterion
Classification Determine pass/fail
Writing test Those who get above 40 score out of 100 and those who get above average 60 score for all subjects.
Interview Those who get above 60 score after adding up each score from each interviewer and converting the total score on the basis of 100.
ICON exemption object
Those who pass the written test is exempted from the following test in the same year when the first test is taken.
ICON Examination fee
- Total: 50,000 won (FRAMEWORK ACT ON KOREAN LANGUAGE, Article 14, Section 8)
ICON Way to acquire
Those who aim to teach Korean language to overseas Koreans and foreigners have to finish a teacher training course first and pass the examination so that they can get the certificate level 3.